Who We Are

YRIX is a regional peering point for: Internet Service Providers, Broadband Providers, Hosting Services and other related organizations.

Founding Members

MITS - Visit Site
Comprised of five rural telecom operators, the Montana Independent Telecommunications System is dedicated to the development of communication solutions in rural Montana. MITS also operates iConnect, a data center solution for providers.

Integra Telecom - Visit Site
Offering voice and data solutions, Integra is a leading Integrated Communications Provider throughout the West. Integra is a facilities-based carrier, with its own switching, fiber and data network. Services include local business phone service, long distance service, broadband and dial-up Internet service and fiber based transport and long-haul.

VisionNet - Visit Site
Operated by five rural telephone coops, VisionNet is determined to provide advanced communications solutions to business, education, and government entities. VisionNet's fills the niche of video conferencing and distance learning throughout Montana, and is known for their quality Internet bandwidth.

Visionary Communications - Visit Site
As the largest Internet service provider in Wyoming, Visionary fills the need for quality, reliable services to the consumer, business, and government markets. Visionary utilizes services from nine LECs to provision Internet to its customers.


This diagram depicts the route that Internet traffic would have to follow from Cody, Wyoming to Helena, Montana before YRIX peering services were available:
Before YRIX

The second diagram shows the dramatic improvement in traffic flow for the same e-mail message using YRIX:
After YRIX