About YRIX

The Yellowstone Regional Internet Exchange (YRIX) was founded to provide peering services between Internet Service Providers in the greater Yellowstone region. The intent in creating this peering location was to provide improved performance between participants, and help them control the cost of their own IP backbone services.

Core Routing and switching equipment is located in a neutral facility in Billings, Montana. The intent of the founding members of YRIX is to extend access to other Service Providers in the Yellowstone region.

A primary tenet of YRIX is to avoid providing services that compete with those offered by participants in YRIX. Services offered to ISPs include bi-lateral and multi-lateral peering.

Why Peer

  • Improves performance between participating members, allowing End User traffic to route efficiently without having to travel to a major PNAP
  • Reduces bandwidth needs when passing traffic between participants
  • Provides options for redundant routing (through bi-lateral agreements)


Join YRIX! Membership applications are being accepted now. Please contact apply@yrix.org for an application. Take advantage of exceptional services on a per use basis. Connect to YRIX via Ethernet, coax or OCn to take advantage of our neutral peering point.